More visitors to DCCC

On Friday 12th January Dubbo’s Horizons Village Men’s Shed held a Croquet Fun Day at DCCC.

We had seven Men’s Shed Members turn up for some fun and five Croquet Club members to coach and coax.

Many thanks to the helpers who helped instill enthusiasm into the morning.

All the men said they had fun and enjoyed croquet so much that they were asking could they have another day next month.


Students from the Dubbo Christian School were introduced to the noble and ancient sport of croquet during Term 3 (July to September).

Amy, a PDHPE teacher at Dubbo Christian School, approached the club asking if we would be able to provide tuition and playing for 20 students in Years 7 to 10.  We readily agreed.

When students were asked to register their choice for sport in Term 3, that number more than doubled.   The bowling club was able to provide a roster of members for the same period so that students, now divided into three groups, were scheduled for three weeks of each sport in rotation.  Because of internal commitments for the different Year groups, the three weeks for each group were not consecutive.

Despite this lack of continuity students were able to receive instruction on playing technique and rules on as ‘as needed’ basis during modified playing situations.  Had more time been available our preference would have been for a more structured programme of instruction and practice.  Nonetheless, each Year group was able to play a standard golf croquet game by their third session, if not earlier.

Club members were enthusiastic about this project, and those who participated enjoyed the experience.  Particularly heartening was the evident enjoyment the students showed.

One piece of play must be recorded.  The balls, as shown in the photograph, were laid out with red and yellow both on-hoop and quite close.  Black is not wired on yellow but this would be difficult shot for a beginner.  Blue cannot hoop and the player is not confident to attempt a jump, much as he would like to try having been very impressed by a demonstration the previous week.   He was, however, confident to attempt a stop shot on red.  There was much stalking, advice from his neighbour, sledging from his opponents, and then – with a resounding thwack! – blue rammed into the red ball which spun dramatically out to the boundary, leapt over yellow and without hesitation or deviation passed through the hoop to score.

Thank you, Cambell H., for an amazingly freakish shot!   It has been the talk of the club ever since.

Dubbo Christian School hold a day of community service annually in which every student donates an afternoon to some form of activity.  We welcomed about twenty students (not all of whom had chosen croquet/bowls as their sport for the term).  A small team did sterling work in completing the preparation of the garden bed, while others worked on window cleaning, silver polishing and garden maintenance.   A big ‘thank-you’ to those students for their work.

Vale, Wendy Collins.

It is with great sadness that we say farewell to our friend, Wendy Collins. 

Wendy joined our croquet club in 2011 and quickly became a ‘croquet-holic’, enjoying both the game and the friendship of the members.   Being a game of skill, planning and certain amount of cunning, Wendy was able to display her intelligence and sense of fun.

She served as our canny Treasurer from 2013 until 2017, and was an excellent member of our executive team until illness prevented her continuing involvement.

Her droll humour, insightful contributions to discussions, care for others, and her love of her family were clearly evident to all who met her.   She approached her illness with calm, strength and bravery.

As we were heartened by her company, we are saddened at her passing.  It was a privilege to provide a guard of honour at her funeral service on 13th November, 2017.

Vale, dear friend.

Doubles Championships

A great day of play, despite unseasonably warm conditions, was held at the Dubbo City Croquet Club on Saturday 23rd September, 2017.   Entries were limited to eight pairs and the format, to be concluded on the day, was seven-hoop play.   This is a format designed to activate the little grey cells, and the pressure certainly brought out the best play that members were capable of. 


Three pairs tied on games won. Lilla Logan and Tom Barclay were clear winners on hoops run.  Congratulations!  Second place was a tie on games won and hoops run between Peter and Del Heywood, and Ben Vang and Charles Campbell, the latter pair squeaking a win in the play-off.

AGM outcomes

Top, left to right:  Jenny Brown, Charles Campbell, Peter Heywood
Bottom, left to right: Beth Stanley, Pam Day, Del Heywood

A good attendance at the Annual General Meeting ensured that the business to be dealt with was done efficiently and in good spirits.  Office bearers for the coming year are Jenny Brown (President) and Beth Stanley (Vice President), Charles Campbell (Secretary) and Pam Day (Assistant Secretary), Peter Heywood (Treasurer) and Del Heywood (Assistant Treasurer).

The Games Captain for the coming year is Ben Vang, assisted by Jean Blight.

Other positions were readily filled.

Jenny thanked  Peter as the out-going President for all his hard work over his term, and this was met with acclamation.

Tuition day - May 2017

We try to arrange a tuition day each year in order to refresh techniques and to reinforce basics to new members.
This year we asked Graham Innocent to do the honours. Graham started playing croquet as a member of our club so it seemed only fitting that he should be asked to return to 'show us all he has learned', especially now being a qualified tutor/coach.
We were not disappointed! The 18 participants were taken through techniques from basics up to advanced. And, at the same time, we got some of the finer points of the rules sorted out, especially play around the hoops.
Thank you Graham, it was a great day with lots of happy comments from all.

Friendship visit by Orange Croquet Club

Thursday 25th May our friends from Orange City Croquet Club visited for a day of friendship croquet. The weather couldn't have been better, it was perfect, the croquet was perfect, the food was perfect, the friendly atmosphere was perfect - but then it always is when our two clubs get together.
Thank you all for a perfect day.